Will you have a happy new year? — issue #7

Will you have a happy new year? — issue #7


Do you have 2020 vision?
As we crossed into a new decade, many took the opportunity to recount their significant moments during the past 10 years. At Kontinentalist, we too reflected on our journey and shared our favourite moments. We've published more stories than ever, and even won an award! Unfortunately for me, my festive period was a lot less exciting: I spent my time struggling with bouts of fever that finally landed me in a week-long hospital stay. Not the best way to start the '20s!

We're now on the cusp of the Lunar New Year, and I'm very excited to share one of our latest data investigations into the world of zodiac predictions. Some of us laugh about these predictions, yet many take them extremely seriously. Recently, my mother sent me an urgent text asking me to have a kid in the year of the Rat, as those born in the year of the Rat will be both smart and wealthy.

While some of us look forward to spending time with loved ones, many will undoubtedly be taking the chance to hop on a quick getaway. Asia is the fastest-growing region for tourism, and this comes not without worry. Our writer Kathy details the perils of overtourism and what it means for our environment.

As always, we're open to hearing your story suggestions and ideas! If there's something you'd like us to investigate or do a data deep-dive into, just holler at us at hello@kontinentalist.com. 

Lastly, we would like to wish you all 鼠年行大运 (May the rat year bring good luck)! Huat ah!


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