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Zafirah Mohamed Zein
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Unearthing the age-old wisdom of Asia’s traditional architecture

Our latest piece on traditional architecture in Asia highlights the local knowledge and vernacular methods that once shaped how people built their homes. In their process of telling this story, our writer Zafirah Zein and designer Munirah Mansoor uncover a wealth of forgotten wisdom and contemporary research on building sustainably

Griselda Gabriele
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Painting a picture of Jakarta’s roadside food sellers

Arran Ridley and Griselda Gabriele share more about our recent story, Jakarta’s roadside food sellers: Finding a path in a future of convenience. Arran, a freelance writer and researcher, pitched the idea to Kontinentalist, based on his interest in kaki lima sellers, the community of street food vendors in

Leong Man Wei
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Making a map of land reclamation in Singapore

How familiar are you with the shape of the land(s) you call home? On the map, most of us identify Singapore as a little red dot, or a diamond at closer view. In our recent story on sand mining and land reclamation, we created a map to examine the

Angel Martinez
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Biggest highlights of the year (so far): The Kontinentalist mid-year review

Launching our own membership programme has been a longstanding goal of ours and now that we’ve finally created this little community of our own, we can’t help but feel a little nostalgic about how far we’ve come! 2023 has been very kind to us folks here at

Samira Hassan
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Live, Love, Lepak: How We Do Leisure at Kontinentalist

We just put out a story called A Woman’s World, where we explore women’s access to public spaces, and specifically how it facilitates their…

Siti Aishah
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How to make: The workshop-survey data story

(or how to amp up a data story with Flourish viz + some code)

Isabella Chua
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A cheeky guide to working at Kontinentalist

Job hunts are called hunts for good reason. They’re tedious, and when you’ve been at it for a while, stalking for good game and summoning…

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Kontinentalist: Insights from user research and translating it into our new website

One fine day in mid-2019, a little more than a year after Kontinentalist first launched, some of us sat down to discuss what was in store…

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Kontinentalist: Navigating our new editorial vision

Last week, Pei Ying shared how we’ve rebranded from a map-driven studio to a data-driven storytelling studio… with a fresh new look to…

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We abandoned Wordpress to build our own CMS

Let Dylan and Rifqi, our Lead Developer and Full-stack Web Developer, tell you why. Abandon ship! To answer why, let us travel back in time to when Konti started, as Peiying mentioned in her article on our rebranding. In the early days of 2017–2018, most of what we did

Pei Ying
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Kontinentalist: A fresh new look, and why we rebranded

We’ve given Kontinentalist a makeover!! Gone are the beige-brown days, and here are the purples, oranges, and pinks.

Griselda Gabriele
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Rebranding notes from the equator (Part 2: Design)

Hello again! In this second post about our rebranding of notes for the equator, our visual designer Munirah spills the tea about…