Humans of Kontinentalist: Zu Xiang

Humans of Kontinentalist: Zu Xiang

What does it take to tell a data vis story? Our editorial intern Zu Xiang shares his experience.

Hi Zu Xiang! Tell us a little about yourself!

Hello! I’m Zu Xiang, and I’ve been interning at Kontinentalist for the past month. I am in my final year (commencing my final semester next week, actually), studying Environmental Studies at NUS. My main interests are books, movies, and music.

How did you come to intern at Kontinentalist?

I found out about Kontinentalist from a previous intern, Ying Xuan; we were coursemates in NUS! I was interested in interning here as I wanted to hone my writing skills. I realised that I liked writing articles and essays in school, and have also started exploring creative writing on my own, so I thought that Konti’s unique blend of topical issues and the Asian perspective syncs with my interests and would be a good opportunity to practise less academic forms of writing.

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