Humans of Kontinentalist: Mick Yang
Mick receiving the work given to him with open arms

Humans of Kontinentalist: Mick Yang

I’m almost 3 months into my internship. Currently I’m writing a story about spicy food; specifically about chilies in Asia. The main thing…

Hello Mick! Would you tell us a bit about what you do at Kontinentalist?

I’m almost three months into my internship. Currently, I’m writing a story about spicy food; specifically about chillies in Asia. The main thing I did previously was contribute to our game about the 18 levels of hell. I unexpectedly ended up doing some design for that in terms of audio design and some of the clue art, as well as a lot of historical research and discussion about plot and character. But aside from story development, I’ve done marketing tasks, such as social media copywriting (see image) for special days, and marketing outreach like compiling potential partnerships lists and other ideas for marketing.

Example of genius at work. EIGHT puns!

How has it been like working at Kontinentalist?

Working at Kontinentalist has really been a dream. It’s like that kind of thing which you didn’t even know you really wanted until you experienced it. Yeah, it’s totally beyond any… I didn’t really have expectations but somehow it exceeded those expectations in terms of what I’ve been able to do, and the culture of the team and the leadership. A large part of the enjoyment of work is with whom you’re working with, and I really like the people, both as friends and as colleagues, on this mission to tell stories about Asia. I feel that a lot of our values align, even though we all have different personalities and interests. It’s a very nice mix.

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