Dataviz in Asia (Nov 23')

Dataviz in Asia (Nov 23')

This month in Dataviz in Asia, we're diving into stories that show us how data visualisations are powerful mediums used to tell important environmental stories in Asia.

Our first highlight is an infographic by Ganesh B Varakale for India In Pixels, spotlighting the alarming levels of untreated sewage released into India's water bodies. This visual narrative portrays the dire situation in the country where a significant percentage of sewage water enters water bodies without treatment, abetting the spread of hygiene-related diseases such as cholera. The infographic starkly illustrates these disparities, with states like Bihar and Assam struggling with inadequate number of sewage treatment facilities throughout their municipalities. 

How much of Sewage being Released to the Environment without Treatment. From Ganesh B Varakale for India in Pixels, 31 October 2023.

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