Dataviz in Asia (April 24')

Dataviz in Asia (April 24')

Spring is finally here!

As my colleagues Zafirah, Munirah, Michael, and I brainstormed the theme for this issue, we found ourselves drawn to the transient essence of the season in April. It's a time marked by various new beginnings, with festivals such as Ponggal and Songkran happening, and it coincides with the onset of the harvest cycle. While spring typically heralds a fresh climate year, it's also intertwined with global protest movements in this region. Myanmar's Spring Revolution, now in its third year, serves as a poignant reminder of this. In this month's Dataviz in Asia, we delve into our shifting experiences of spring and their implications.

Spring marks the time right before rice season starts across several parts of Asia, where over 40,000 rice varieties flourish. India, one of the leading producers, boasts a truly impressive diversity.

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