Dataviz in Asia (Feb 24')

Dataviz in Asia (Feb 24')

Love is in the air this month, and data’s capturing every moment of it. For this issue of Dataviz in Asia, let’s look at all the creative ways that people are telling their stories of love through data visualisations. 

First, let's explore the epic love triangle depicted in the iconic South Korean drama, Reply 1988, which follows the lives of five childhood friends living in 1980s Seoul. The intricate dynamics between three of its characters—struggling student Deok-sun, her athletic best friend Jung Hwan, and her other best friend, Taek, a professional baduk (Korean version of the game Go) player—have captured the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Tableau user Qichun Dai meticulously conducts a sentiment analysis of the three characters’ dialogue across 20 episodes, offering valuable insights into their emotional journeys. For example, the playful dynamic between childhood friends Deok-sun and Jung Hwan, with conversations punctuated by sarcastic quips, register a negative sentiment analysis. In contrast, Taek is very sweet to her. If you're a fan of television ships like me, you'll love this one, with no surprises as to who emerges with the better sentiment analysis.

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