The Road to v1.0 of Kontinentalist’s website

Setting up a website from scratch may be easier than building Rome, but Kontinentalist wasn’t built in a day as well. Our Wayfinder / lead developer Dylan details his journey in making v1.0 happen.

When I first joined Kontinentalist, my primary task as the head developer was to set up its web presence ASAP. What we needed was a platform for writers to tell stories using maps; we have since grown to include data visualisations and our own custom maps like these:

The Expedition and Explorer template respectively. We’re open to partnerships and paid work if you’d like to engage us!

Prior to joining Kontinentalist, I had been toying with the idea of rearchitecting the project that I was working on into a Headless CMS. So I decided to implement this idea for v1.0.

Gotta make a choice

As the only developer (with a tight deadline!) then, I had to postpone the idea of building a custom CMS to v2.0.

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