Behind-the-scenes: Shedding light on the issue of divorce in the Philippines

Shedding light on the issue of divorce in the Philippines

In our latest longform story, our writer Angel Martinez, our data viz designer Bianchi Dy, and our designer Griselda Gabriele dive deep into the issue of divorce in the Philippines: why it’s the only country today without access to this basic right and what different sectors of society could do to join the rest of the world. How did this team sift through a sea of data to spread the word about this largely unknown yet urgent situation?

The burden of representation

The starting point of our piece was Angel’s desire to bring the issues of her country to the forefront. One of the main reasons she joined Kontinentalist was because of its focus on social issues in Asia. She liked reading about topics she would have never learned otherwise from places she never saw herself visiting, and was inspired by how data was humanised and handled with care. As the only employee based in the Philippines, she felt it was her civic duty to help people realise how great it is to be Filipino!

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