How to market a Kontinentalist Story

How to market a Kontinentalist Story

Our thought process behind marketing stories rich with data visualisations.

Written by Griselda Gabriele and Dewi Fitzpatrick

At a story marketing meeting in Summer 2019…

Griselda: “So, let’s discuss the marketing for this upcoming story.”
Dewi: “Tell us three reasons why we should read your story.”

Our intern and writer of said story squirms uncomfortably, pushing his chair back and away ever so slightly. After a few seconds—though it feels like hours—he responds quietly.

“Dewi, if you don’t want to read it, also can… it’s fine…”

After the gentle laughter at the table dies down, Dewi explains to him that we weren’t trying to put him on the spot, though he would probably beg to differ. In fact, all our writers are asked to explain to the marketing team what makes their story interesting, unique, and readable. This question helps the team come up with a marketing plan—especially digital marketing—for the story.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to any form of marketing that occurs on the internet. At Kontinentalist, our main goal is to let people know when we have released a new story and convince them to read it!

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