How is climate change affecting major Asian cities? — issue #2

How is climate change affecting major Asian cities? — issue #2

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The issue of climate change continues to provoke heated debates, but how well do we understand the impact it can have on our lives here in Asia? This month, our intern Rayson, looked at research on rising sea levels and mapped a story that shows us a future in which Asia’s capital cities could be submerged. July was also a month about international disputes. Bella explored the historical roots of the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands dispute that has seen Japan and China at loggerheads. I re-visited my love for historical artefacts and wrote a story on China’s Old Summer Palace. I explored its numerous lost objects and the bold and unconventional strategies Chinese citizens have taken to recover the nation’s historical legacy.

We continue to refine our editorial workflow. We had originally planned to publish a story about death rituals in Asia, and another about traditional medicine and the illegal wildlife trade industry, but we’ve moved our publishing schedule, so they’re not out yet. But stay tuned! We hope you enjoy the stories we have published this month, and continue to support us by being avid readers and sharing them with your friends. If you have any ideas for what we should do next, don’t hesitate to drop us a mail!

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