Apps to get you through working-from-home due to COVID-19
Digital meeting made easy thanks to Slack

Apps to get you through working-from-home due to COVID-19

Working-from-home apps to get you through COVID-19

Ever since Singapore went to DORSCON Orange, the Kontinentalist team, like many other companies, has been on work-from-home (WFH) arrangements to minimise the possibility of a spread of COVID-19. Here are our favourite apps (so far) for working from home!

What’s good for group meetings and discussions?

One of the greater downsides to working from home is that it’s harder to discuss big matters, brainstorm as a team, and so on. We’ve used these apps—which bring more than just a video call function—to circumvent the need for physical meetings.

Slack call

Dewi (Business development manager): We have been using the Slack call function for most of our meetings, and it has been really useful. It seems to work well even if the internet connection is a little weak. You can share your screen and even doodle on the screen in different colours (I think this was the highlight for the entire team!).

A Web Whiteboard (AWW app)

Peiying (Team lead and Editor-in-Chief): When we started working from home, the Konti team was in the thick of a branding exercise that required half-day brainstorming sessions. As the team lead and facilitator of many of these discussions, I needed a tool that would act as a whiteboard and allow everyone to be on the same page while giving their own suggestions organically. AWW app — a digital whiteboard — has been very useful for this. Its free tier allows you to use all the app’s core functions (placing post-it notes, erasing, drawing, and so on), and you can save your whiteboard as a PDF or an image when you’re done.

An example of how to use the whiteboard.

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