A day in the life of a programmer at a startup

Hi, I’m Dylan, the lead developer at Kontinentalist.

So as a developer, people often think that my work entails sitting in front of my computer all day, with 1s and 0s filling my screen.

They are wrong. I have three screens! 😉

My work desk.

Today, I’ll walk you through a typical workday. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll gain a better understanding of the varied tasks a programmer undertakes, and understand why I’m still single 😐.

Editor’s note: our other full-stack developer is in a fulfilling relationship, proving that it is possible to date while working as a developer at Kontinentalist.


07:00 AM: Tries waking up for a run, but failed.

08:00 AM: Low key anxiety as I check my phone for any bug reports. Then I stare at the ceiling for a while before dozing off.

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